Duckietown Logs Database

The Duckietown Logs Database is now hosted on IPFS (the Inter-Planetary File System).

You can access the database in two ways.

1. The easy way

For casual browsing, you can browse on one of our servers:

However, please do not download large files from that server.

Instead, use one of the IPFS public gateways: (suggested)

Note: it is the nature of IPFS that the first request on HTTP gateways is slow. Please be patient.

2. The faster and altruistic way

First, install the IPFS node on your system.

Then browse at the local address:


In this case, you help distributing the logs because your system becomes part of the planetary swarm that holds a copy of the data.

Contribute to the DB

Would you like your Duckiebot to become famous?

Please upload its logs at this link.

Downloading the entire DB

The links above are to galleries that are meant for casual browsing. If you would like to download the entire set of logs, please contact us - we will show you a quick and most convenient way.